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Bakery Ingredients

Our bakery ingredients cover three main categories including: Frozen Dough& Batters, Dry mixes and Finished Fillings, toppings and glazes for bakery and pastries. These specialty products are made to simplify the process of baking for family of customers. These products are perfect for any commercial bakery, hotel, Franchise cafe or Store front who craves having fresh bakery on their menu and claiming it as their own.

Cherry Pie.jpeg
Apricot Topping.JPG
Cheese Danish Filling.jpeg
Vanilla Bavarian.jpeg

Cherry Pie Filling-This filling is perfect for pies, tarts, layering cakes, donuts and many more. This classic fruit filling is rich in cherries giving it a unique and delicious flavor.

Cream Cheese Danish Filling- What goes better with a Crispy flaky danish or inside of a donut better than a sweet, decadent & rich  cream cheese filling. This classic filling is premade and ready for use!

Vanilla Bavarian Fillings- A European style cream that finds its home inside bakery products.

Apricot Topping- This thick flavorful topping is best used on top of danishes, moon cakes and Hamantaschen.

Blueberry Pie.JPG

Blueberry Pie Filling- This fruit pie filling is renowned throughout the world for its sweet and bold flavor. This filling can be used in pies, pastries, donuts and any other bakery you can imagine.

Apple Turnover 3d.jpeg

Bakery Fillings and Toppings

Dry Ingredients and Mixes

Apple-turnover Topping- This thick flavorful topping is best used on top of danishes, moon cakes and Hamantaschen.

12 Grain Bread Base.JPG

12 Grain Bread Base- This mix of grains and seeds makes the perfect fit for your standard dough. Used according to direction you will have a light bread with a full nutty and nutritious taste.

Bear Egg (Wet & Dry 2).JPG

Bear Egg- How can you save money and accomplish your desired bakery that needs eggs? Use Bear Egg! This egg substitute eliminate the need for fresh or frozen eggs and is about half the cost of frozen eggs. With this product you can save space in your refrigerator and add convenience to your recipe.

Supreme Danish Mix.jpeg

Supreme Danish Mix- A traditional and desired pastry made easy for bakeries!  This mix takes the headache out of traditional danishes by eliminating labor and shortening necessary steps to create and maintain that iconic flaky dish.

Jewish Rye Bread 1.jpeg

Jewish Rye Bread- A perfect recipe for a traditional bread. This mix is nearly completed and only requires water and yeast according to our instructions to make a perfect loaf of Rye bread every time and every shift at the bakery.

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