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We have a large line of bakery ingredients designed and pre-made to bring high quality and ease of production to any commercial bakery, hotel or franchise. All of our products are Non- GMO and are Kosher Certified.

Berry filling pastry.jpg
Chocolate chip cookies.jpg

Our factories produce cheese in just about any format from high quality and hand made to retail friendly shreds, bars, slices and more. All of our cheeses are made in the Midwest USA with generations of know how and passion!

Door County Untouchable Cheddar.jpg
Morel and Leek Jack.jpg

Our fruit offerings range from Juices to dried, frozen, powders and more. All of our fruits are grown in the temperate climate and rich soil of the Midwest. Most famously Wisconsin produces the famous cranberry in its sandy loamy soil.

Stone Group Sweet and dried aronia heart
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